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I'm doing 450 Star Jumps for Youth Week (Apr 16-24)

Im fundraising to help young Ausstralians with mental health issues.

4 million young Australians experience mental health issues.

That’s why I’m jumping in The Star Jump Challenge, so that the PCYC can roll out a much-needed youth mental health program in their clubs.

I’ll be jumping every day during Youth Week, April 16-24, to raise money that will help give young Australians a brighter future.

Please support me by making a tax-deductible donation to Police Citizens Youth Clubs NSW.

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Can i stay for a night?

Monday 22nd Mar
Can I stay for a night?

 Is what he said. A few years ago. In his early 30's he was on his last chance. Last chance before jail time again.

Yes I said. Whats one night I thought, worst case a few days. Afterall i used to know this kid. (So I thought). 

From alcoholism to gambling...An Ice addiction which led to schizophrenia. Suicidal tendencies to chronic depression and anxiety to name a few things life has thrown his way. 

He ended up staying for 4 months. I took him most days to rose bay police station for his check ins. On other days I would wait patiently to see if he made it there alone. He did. But he would stray the next day. 

He was a petty thief, but he always paid me back. No matter what. 

His court day loomed, from midnight police visits to falling off the wagon, he showed up. That was no easy feat. When I saw no one from his family showed (and there a good family) I sat in the front row behind the lawyers so the judge could see me just me. That he wasnt alone. 

I totally cried. He didnt go to jail this time. 

Now youve heard all the bad bits. The good bits, the hard work,  well thats his story, his achievements to tell, And boy are they worthy of hearing!!! 

Mental health issues affect so many!! And living and dealing with people affected in different ways is really hard. Thats one of the reasons why I support PCYC and am proud to support and be part of the star jump challenge.

Love Maida 

My Story

Sunday 7th Mar
Hi There, 

My names Maida, thats me in my profile image. I just turned 41 years young in september last year! My how time flys!!! 

That wasnt always the case for me. In all honesty time used to go by so slowly I couldnt wait to get older because i used to think getting older would make life better, more worth living, but it didnt. It got harder and harder. 

I lost my mother and twin brother to a father who took there lives as we watched and listened. His own life was taken by courageous police officers, some of whom i remember sadly were hurt that morning.......  I remember being happy when the police told me at 10yrs of age he was dead. 

My life was and has been a rollercoaster since.... 

With my own battles i found the hardest thing to be still to this day, was that everyone always wanted to know my story but no one ever wanted to help. 

Mental health is such an important issue with so many different forms affecting so many lives and familys. 

I really hope I reach my goal, as small as it is, its huge to me as i only have a tiny circle of friends. 

Wish me luck!! 

Love maida xo 

Thank you to my Sponsors



Very thoughtful challenge to have undertaken


Stephen Zorbas


Adriana Hazemova

What a wonderful cause to support. Well done Maida! Adriana Xxx


Anna Michailovna El-khoury


Andrew Vassili


Chris Deutsch

All our best wishes! May your life become easier and thank you for all the beautiful chocolates you give us !😊




Susan Lusty


Sophie Williams




Good luck Maida for a great cause. Best Wishes Steve


Vanessa Scarf


Maida Vrlic



Congratulations Maida. This is a great initiative of yours. I'm happy to help. David Scarf




Hayley Pakalniskis

Love your work Maida


Maida Vrlic



Awesome prompt Maida!


Rozina Vrlic

Such a great cause. Best of luck you will smash it!

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